Julia Child Music Video

Julia Child Video

Check out her knife and rolling pin solos

Gr-Attiutude Adjuster – Nick’s Story

Nick Vujici | Attitude

Gr’attitude Adjuster :) How to be grateful and happy in life, here’s an example of a guy against all odds who’s outlook on life is unsurpassed…

Muppets Swedish Chef Does Music Video

Swedish Chef Muppets Music Video

– blue man group Swedish Chef Muppets style – this is brilliant, never gets old…

Credit Card Calculator

Help Budget Calculator Credit Cards

Calculate how long it will take to pay off your credit card -or- Calculate what your payment would need to be to reach your payoff goal…

Budget Calculator – Easy

Help Budget Calculator Credit Cards

Budget Calculator – Easy just fill in weekly/monthly amounts and it calculates automatically for the year – auto calculates pie chart too…

Declutter Memorabilia and Stuff

declutter memorabilia and stuff

One of the ways to get organized, be organized and declutter (clearing clutter) is to deal with collectibles and items associated with memories.

Life Organization, Home Organization – Starts with a single step

Life Organization Help

Life is about flow, not perfection. Decluttering is an ongoing one, but is very do-able. Organizing is a single step, and the rest are just a series of small steps all sewn together to create the final product.

Doritos Taco Salad Recipe

Looking for a taco salad recipe with Doritos? A winner at summer picnics A quick and easy ground beef recipe! Doritos Taco Salad Recipe …

Brown ground beef (approx 1 lb). Cool. Mix with salad mix (salad in a bag – from the grocery store, or make your own), chopped tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese (approx 1 cup), 1/2 bag of crumbled doritos and cover with Kraft Catelina dressing.

The Why of Food?

The Why of Food? By Sylvia Fox Bevan Growing up, my mom was a stay at home mom, and dad worked, we had 1 car, and 4 kids in the household. So, because of the “budget” and yes, there actually was one that was adhered to, if we wanted junk food, we had to make […]

Soft Morning Kisses {a nature abstract of life}

Soft Morning Kisses By Sylvia Fox Bevan What a beautiful thing it is to see the auburn sun come up and kiss the tender little greenhouse plants, as if to say “good morning my darlings” and they respond by reaching their delicate little leaves up in hopes of getting a hug from the one who […]

What is it really worth?

What is it really worth? By Sylvia Bevan Have you ever looked around you house and said, how come it doesn’t look like a magazine? It’s probably because it’s too cluttered. Once we add up the knick knacks, doodads, extra pieces of crappy furniture that might be new-ish, but not well made, we might be […]