Declutter Memorabilia and Stuff

declutter memorabilia and stuff

Declutter Memorabilia and Stuff

declutter memorabilia and stuffOne of the ways to get organized, be organized and declutter (clearing clutter) is to deal with collectibles and items associated with memories.

I got many remarkable revelations this year, after the unexpected and sudden passing of my health conscious eldest sister at 44; one of which is regarding memorabilia…

While sorting, the message that stood out was, what would she want kept for her children … and what information would they find important when they have the milestones in their lives (turning 18, marriage, babies).

I felt unqualified to make that decision, and decided to keep what reflected her as the beautiful loving awesome person I know… all of her discoveries of herself while attending seminars and coaching; letters from college, photos of friends … anything that, if a stranger went through her memory box one day, by the end they would have felt as if they’ve known her, and those important to her.

My suggestion, to put it out there, would be that you are the best one qualified to narrow it down to your one box, as you know what’s the most important reflection of you.

This includes having office files/papers organized and filed by year, which I worked on for myself – if someone came into my world and had to figure out my system and where I left off could they do it?(good business practice at any rate).

The other request is, the stuff/clutter you-cant-take-with-you… thinking back to my friend’s parents with house & storage facilities full, if you don’t deal with it, somewhere, someone else does!

It’s better if you find qualified homes for it.

A recent quote I came across: “For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself.”

From my experience…. hope it helps with perspective…


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