Rustic Farmhouse Spelt Bread Recipe – Can use with bread machine


Rustic Farmhouse Spelt Bread Recipe – Can use with bread machine

My sister lives on an organic farm, in which was one of the first in Canada to grow spelt. Special Rabbi’s found their farm and come from far away to collect their spelt for passover.

The rabbi’s must arrive before harvest while the crop is standing in the field, then ride in the combine and remain with the crop throughout it’s journey wherever it goes, planes trains and transport trucks, until it reaches it’s final destination for making passover bread.

Spelt has a husk unlike wheat, that seals it such that it almost doesn’t ever expire. They have found spelt in tombs! It must be dehulled in special machinery that my “brother in law” has on his farm.

From there it can be processed into whatever product whether bread, beer, cookies, cakes, cereal and the like. The hulls can be used as filler in plastics or pillowcases or pelleted for animal bedding or even burning in a pellet stove for heat.

The Rabbi’s came to Canada because it was the only spelt that hadn’t been harvested yet that year due to weather restrictions, and have come on subsequent years since.

This is her spelt bread recipe, formed in a rye loaf shape… awesome with a nice thick potato leek soup on a rainy day.

*Note this sister has passed on now, my “brother in law” is happily remarried to a wonderful gal, Erin, of whom we have naturally commandeered her recipes as well… but Colleen’s stories of the farm and her recipe remain:

Farmhouse Spelt Bread Recipe:

This texture is more like a Rye Loaf

1 ¼ cup water (with 1 egg include in water)

2 Tbsp oil, molasses & honey

2 Tbsp gluten powder & milk powder

1 tsp salt

4 cups whole spelt flour (may need more while kneading)

2 tsp yeast

Use grain cycle on bread machine to completion OR Remove at “last knead” Roll out like a rye loaf, place on stoneware or cookie sheet cover & let rise 30 min & bake @ 350 °F, 30 min. Cook 10 min longer in a loaf pan.

For more of a fluffier sandwich loaf texture see Ancient Grains Bread:

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