Review | XO Baking Co | Gluten Free All Purpose Flour | Gourmet Flour Blend

xo-baking-co-gluten-free-all-purpose-flour-gourmet-blendThis Gluten Free All Purpose Flour boasts cup for cup substitution, such as not to throw off the chemical composition of your recipes as much as reducing flour would , as GF flour is often needed to be reduced by 25%.

It worked in most applications well, cookies, muffins, gravy… (we prefer potato starch for gravies and sauces due to flavour profile)

It’s a solid choice, we liked PC’s Gluten Free Flour better, however PC’s needs to be reduced. Less volume than PC’s , XO’s is around $10 for 595g vs PC’s at 800g for same price at the time of this posting.

We purchased XO’s at bulk barn.

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