7 Minute Dinner | Chicken Rice and Vegetables

7 Minute Dinner – Rice, Chicken & Veggies Recipe

No more take-out with this easy dinner recipe, it’s done before you can pick up the phone & order…

7 Minute Dinner Recipe:7 Minute Dinner | Chicken Rice and Vegetables

In a sauce pot, boil 2 cups water

once boiling…immediately add in the following order:

2 cups instant brown rice (Minute Maid now makes)
1 cup frozen veggies (Zen Garden by Europe’s Best is good; can use peas/corn)
1/2 cup pre-cooked roasted chicken strips (Lilydale Brand is excellent)

1 Tablespoon butter
pinch salt

Put lid on and turn to low for 5 min.

Dinner – done. Turn onto plate or dish, drizzle with plum sauce or sweet n sour sauce.

Great for students too.

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