Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe – Bake-able Noodles (NO BOIL)

Gluten free lasagna recipe

Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe – Bake-able Noodles (NO BOIL)

Hallelujah! Finally 1 dish for the WHOLE family… Yep, you heard right, gluten free lasagna… NO BOIL noodles, just lay ’em and bake ’em. It gets better… They taste like regular noodles (can’t tell, really, yes, no I’m telling the truth!) Even my 85 year old father likes them, and he’s old school “discerning of taste” (picky).

Thank you Catelli! No more making multiple dishes for 1 mealtime.

Same ratio’s as traditional lasagna, just use the GF Catelli noodles instead. I know, eh?

Use your favourite family recipe or find one on the internet.

Just don’t layer the noodles on top of themselves or they will curl – if you layer over sauce or cheese they will stay put. Be sure to add sauce to the bottom of the pan first before adding 1st layer of noodles

Gluten Free Lasagna:

Gluten free lasagna recipe

375°F total cooking time 40 min

1 750g (3 cups) aka large jar of pasta sauce, fresh or frozen (we use ours we freeze from the summer garden tomatoes and extra veg)

1 lb lean ground beef – browned, crumbly and seasoned (Costco’s Kirkland no salt seasoning)

1 med onion diced and sauteed

1 pkg fresh spinach (or 2 med grated zucchini)

1 500g (2 cups) sour cream or cottage cheese

4 cups grated mixed cheddar cheeses

1 box catelli gluten free bake-able lasagna noodles

Mix meat, onions and sauce together.

Ladle enough meat sauce mixture on the bottom of the 9×13 pan to cover it thinly – add 1st layer of noodles

add more meat sauce mixture, and 2nd layer of noodles and sprinkle some of the cheese mixture over top till lightly covered.

add spinach and dollop sour cream on top to cover most of the surface area gaps in between dollops is ok

add 3rd layer of noodles, cover with meat mixture and some shredded cheese mixture

add 4th layer of noodles, cover generously with cheese.

bake in pre-heated 375 degree F oven for 30 min covered with tented foil (can add a cooking spray to bottom of foil in case it falls so it won’t stick to cheese) continue cooking 10 min uncovered.


It reheats like regular noodles too, next day is scrumptious – by either microwave or oven.



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