My Mom’s Roast Beef

My Mom's Roast Beef

My Mom’s Roast Beef

Beef Recipes | Roast Beef Dinner My mom is the perfecter of roast beef.

She can take any old tough, gnarly thing that looks like its rolled around on the grocery store floor (okay, not really, but you know what I mean) and make it the most tender, juicy piece of roast beef heaven you’ve ever tasted.

So, naturally, I had to learn her seemingly supernatural prowess.

It took a little to pry open the vault…what can I say? she just had the knack for it, she really didn’t have to think about it…

1st attempt at the roast beef private eye…ask mom direct…

‘Oh, I don’t know, I just fling it in before church, and when I come back it’s done” ….

I don’t know about you, but that euphoric experience, to that point, hadn’t happened to me…

2nd attempt… watch n learn…

Mom’s roast beef 101:

There’s a couple die-hard secrets

#1) Cook it S-L-O-W in a 250 °F oven

#2) Final internal roast temperature 150°F exactly (approx 20 min per lb – from fresh or thawed roast) – Use a meat thermometer

#3) Onion Soup Mix – sprinkle over whole roast (like a rub) prior to cooking & stick a whole, peeled onion in the pan (more if your family fights over them – to keep the peace with my hubbie’s family I must cook at least 4 onions)

#4) Once done, let it sit on the counter in the pan for approx 15 min, for the juices to re-distribute

#5) Slice very very very thin (my dad does this, with seemingly unending patience, but it’s worth it!)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. For such a ‘from scratch’ cook… why the non-food?

The answer is… Because it works! Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

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