Recipe for Salt Water Gargle Sore Tooth

Recipe for Salt Water Gargle Sore Tooth

recipe for salt water gargle – sore tooth

This might seem like a funny recipe for a recipe site, however, this is a requested recipe!

Since my dad’s old school (77 & counting) this is what they did in the “olden days”

My dad’s recipe for a salt water gargle:

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1 glass of warm water (8 oz)

stir to dissolve salt

take a sip & gargle…

it should be enough salt that it tastes gross, but too much salt if it gags

to get rid of mucus down the throat and in the nose he also snorts it. (gross, I know) but does the job… not to be used long term, though.

We also have a recipe for a poultice for an abcess tooth poultice… when my mom was told there was nothing they could do ( I was told the same once) it seems like 1700’s technology, but since it was the weekend and I was hunting for a pair of plyers, this was a MUCH better solution – and gee whiz… the pain was absolutely gone in 3 days (started subsiding right away)…recipe coming soon…

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