Teriyaki Beef with Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Teriyaki Beef with Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Teriyaki Beef with Roasted Vegetables Recipe

I created this recipe after loving the Beef in a Teriyaki Fajita but wasn’t in the mood for rice or assembling anything.

We get so many raves over this recipe, and it smells amazing when the guests are walking in the door.

If you know how to properly use BBQ pans, this is EXCELLENT done on the BBQ esp. with the smoke flavour.

Only dirties up two pans! This is what we do…

Teryiaki Beef with Roasted Vegetables Recipe:roasted vegetable recipe with fast fry sirloin strips

For Four – Five people


3 -4 potatoes

2 large carrots

1 large parsnip

2 large onions

3 cloves garlic

grapeseed oil


1  Sirloin Tip Steak – sliced 1/8 in thin slices OR 1 -2 pkgs fast fry/fajita steak strips

Cube vegetables: potatoes smaller cubes, carrots large cube (as they cook faster), super thick onion slices, turnip optional,  3 garlic cloves sliced.

Preheat oven to 425°F

Find a pan with sides that will fit all the items in a single layer(very important)

If you own any stoneware, this is an excellent time to use it, as it tastes best, and easier to mange not to get overcooked.

  1. Pour all ingredients into the pan, drizzle with grapeseed or safflower oil (high heat oil) Stir.
  2. Place into oven. Cook until fork tender. Stirring twice or 3x’s. Approx 30min – the larger the cube, the longer to cook.

We keep our focus on it! As it’s oil at high heat, even if just a drizzle, we pay attention.

When veggies are done, pull out of oven and set on cutting board.

Heat a cast iron fry pan (or other fry pan) to medium high – adding 2-3 Tablespoons oil

put in 1/2 the meat and immediately add a splash of  Teriyaki (1 Tablespoon or more)

QUICKLY stir meat – DO NOT let it overcook or it will be chewy – cook until med rare –

Scoop out of pan, onto cutting board, replenish liquids if needed, and repeat.

Cut the meat into 1/4 inch pieces

Add the meat to the veggies & and stir.

Serve hot.

Recipe can be expanded to serve more people.



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