Gluten Free Pasta Reviews

Corn Pasta San Zenone Prairie Harvest

Gluten Free Pasta Reviews

Corn Pasta San Zenone Prairie HarvestCorn Pasta is an excellent direct pasta substitute that can be used for any recipe that calls for spaghetti, elbow noodles, penne, spiral etc – and the least detectable taste change. We like San Zenone (Prairie Harvest) and Arrowhead mills. This is our favourite by far.

Kamut is good as well, it’ll go mushy if over cooked, so keep an eye on it, and there will be a bit of a taste change

Rye noodles are also a possibility, but they have a very robust flavour.

Some Gnocchi is made from potatoes and potato flour (there is also a spelt version), and only take 3 mins to cook! They taste like fresh pasta does, and cooks the same way, but is found in the dry pasta isle of the grocery store. If you like dumplings, you’ll love gnocchi. Can use white alfredo type sauces or red sauce, throw in any kind of meat, vegetables (we’ve even used finely dices sweet potatoes). Even an oil & garlic sauce with a dash of poultry seasoning is yummy.

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