Pan Roasted Cauliflower

pan roasted cauliflower

Pan Roasted Cauliflower

pan roasted cauliflowerThis is the pan version of Roasted Cauliflower that is every bit as scrumptious as the oven variety, however it’s less pots, less time (30 min less) and even (or especially) less volume, if needed.

Cut cauliflower florette off the stock – just the amount needed for dinner, if large in diameter cut in half lengthwise.

Fill a pot or frypan with sides approx 1/4″ deep with water, steam cauliflower with a lid on for 3-5 min, drain off water from pan, squirt oil over each piece of cauliflower (approx a total of 2 tablespoons) just enough to drizzle each piece with grapeseed oil (high heat oil), sprinkle lightly with a paprika based seasoned salt, (and/or garlic butter). Flip each piece over such that the largest part of the Florette is face down so to speak in the pan – thus the largest part gets roasted and toasty, approx 3-5 min with the lid on such that it doesn’t splatter, on med heat. Stay close by to keep checking on it, as the seasoning can brown quicker than expected sometimes.

When fork tender, and lightly browned cauliflower is done. Broccoli can also be done this way or a mix of both. Also can be done on the BBQ in a cast iron pan.

The presentation isn’t as wow-ing as a golden head of whole cauliflower, but it does allow for exquisite taste on a weeknight!

We paired this with butter mashed potatoes, texas corn (cooked, drained corn topped with fresh tomatoes and chives), roast beef and gravy.

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