Spelt Brownies Recipe

Spelt Brownies Recipe

Original recipe from my mom’s (who’s now 80! at the time of this post) calls to melt chocolate and shortening but…

3T cocoa + 1 T oil = 1 square of melted chocolate (use the good cocoa – cocoa camino – full flavour – Loblaws and maybe Zehrs or well.ca)

And grapeseed oil works well in place of shortening, the neutral flavour of orphee’s is amazing.


Spelt Brownies Recipe


6 Tbsp cocoa camino cocoa powder + 2Tbsp oil (I use grapeseed oil)

½ cup grapeseed oil

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

3/4c light spelt flour (OR ½ cup coconut flour + ¼ cup gluten free flour)

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

1 Tbsp vanilla

½ tbsp real unspiced rum (or 1 tsp clubhouse rum from grocery store)


Preheat oven – 350°F


Combine cocoa and oil, stir till well mixed. Add sugar, stir til well blended, add eggs, and stir till well blended.


In a separate bowl mix flour, baking powder and salt, add to chocolate mixture, stir until *just* mixed over-stirring will make it gluey.

Then add vanilla and rum, stir until just mixed.


Pour into 8×8 pan, and cook 30min – when pick inserted comes out clean


Cool on wire rack


When cool, dust with icing sugar through a sieve

– or – use nutella as icing if you or any one else is not allergic


Can double recipe for higher brownies in the 8×8 pan –which is what I did around Christmas time… or if using a larger pan, and are going to use it as a base to stack icecream on top 😀


If you put it in a springform pan (cheesecake pan, let it cool then slightly soften some ice cream, put it on top spread it around then re-freeze, you can make your own icecream cake and save the $50 bucks from the store)


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