Talking To Your Food

Talking To Your Food

Some people talk to their plants. My spouse says I talk to the food, while preparing it. Some people think talking to your plants make them healthier and happier plants. Perhaps talking to the food makes it tastier.

An Italian friend of mine says he can taste the difference in the sandwich his wife makes him for lunch whether she was mad at him or not. On the ‘not’ days, he insists it ‘tastes like it was made with love’. Perhaps it was simply made without arsenic on those ‘love’ days? (we’re never sure how those pesky apple seeds end up in sandwiches, are we?) Okay, okay.

I think it was Oprah who once said she visited a convent where all of the nuns blessed and prayed over everything they did that day, whether making a bed, a meal, or gardening. If I remember correctly, I thought she said she could feel the difference.

I wonder what would happen if we all did that, even as a social experiment. Would there be less road rage as we’re blessing the flowers by the roadside on our way to work, and giving our fellow drivers the Tim Horton’s salute (raising your double double as a ‘hi’ to the guy beside you…sort of a Canadian “cheer’s”). Would you’re kids feel the love of a parent when they bit into their sandwich at lunch. Maybe our overall countenance as a nation would rise. We would be thinking kind thoughts for most of the day as opposed to frustrated ones. Maybe we should give it a whirl? Go ahead, talk to your food!

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