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Nachos Recipe

Nachos Recipe | Easy Restaurant Quality

This is a super easy nachos recipe, with restaurant quality melted cheese stacked high, ground beef, fresh tomatoes and green onion… mmm… this is how we do it…

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Help Budget Calculator Credit Cards

Budget Calculator – Easy

Budget Calculator – Easy just fill in weekly/monthly amounts and it calculates automatically for the year – auto calculates pie chart too…

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Sweet Chili Recipe

Sweet Chili Recipe – Easy

Betcha didn’t know… interesting bit of trivia: Who invented the Sloppy Joe? Benjamin Franklin. Originally called the Sloppy Ben, however, over the years it became known as the Sloppy Joe, the blue collar sandwich. Super Easy Sweet Chili recipe is based off the Sloppy Joe Recipe… only 6 ingredients…

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Cool Veggie Appetizer Recipe - Bridal / Baby Shower / Parties

Cool Veggie Appetizer Recipe – Bridal / Baby Shower / Parties

Hands down – gorgeous appetizer so incredibly simple – but looks like you’ve slaved all day.

This is our default recipe for all parties that require appetizer recipes, especially bridal and baby showers.

Super Easy Version:

Cool Veggie Appi Recipe

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Easy Pot Pie Recipe

Easy Pot Pie Recipe with Beef or Chicken

Easy Pot Pie Recipe – Beef or Chicken

This is a great way to use leftovers, that make a completely new meal.

Use up the previous day’s pot roast or roast chicken. Save the gravy….

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Fast Citrus Rice Recipe

7 Minute Dinner – Citrus Chicken & Rice Recipe

7 Minute Dinner Recipe – Citrus Chicken & Rice – Easy Lemon Chicken: No more take-out with this easy one pot dinner recipe, it’s done before you can pick up the phone & order. Great for students too…

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Loaf Quick Bread Recipes Banana Bread

Easy Best Banana Bread Recipe

This easy banana bread is a family favourite, and so simple, and can easily be doubled.

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Hot Pizza Dip - Easy Appetizers Recipes

Hot Pizza Dip – Easy Appetizers Recipes

Easy Appetizers Recipes: Hot Pizza Dip 1 pkg 250g cream cheese 1 tsp Italian seasoning (oregano, thyme, basil) 1 cup mozzarella 3/4 cup parmesan 1 cup pizza sauce (colleen uses pasta sauce) 2 T chopped green pepper  (optional) 2 T chopped onion (not needed if using pizza sauce)   In oven safe casserole dish / […]

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roasted vegetable recipe with fast fry sirloin strips

Easy Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Roasted vegetable recipes are so easy – especially for a crowd. Who wants to dirty 4 pots and then babysit them, when you can just add them all into 1 – and pop it in the oven!

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Stuffing Stove Top Dressing Recipe

Stuffing, Dressing Recipe, Homemade Stove Top

This awesome old fashioned, yet easy dressing recipe is for both inside the bird and stove top. The choice is yours.

It can be made fresh, or made ahead, frozen, and pulled out for use whenever the mood strikes, for any meat, pork, chicken, turkey… even to add a little something to chicken pot pie.

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vanilla pudding recipe with bananas

Easy Homemade Vanilla Pudding Recipe – Banana Optional

This is great when just when you think you have “nothing in the house” and voila! Pudding! Perfect recipe when unexpected company drops by…

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No-Roll Easy Pastry (pat in) Pie Crust Recipe makes 1 shell

No-Roll Easy Pastry (pat in) Pie Crust Recipe makes 1 shell

This is great for when you only need to do 1 pie, and don’t want to roll or make a mess. If company drops by, or even just for the family, this is a tasty flaky easy pie crust. A great crust recipe for fresh strawberry pie, especially well for lemon meringue, coconut cream pie […]

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