Review: Canada Science and Technology Museum

canada science and technology museum

After much optimism – it was an utter disappointment (especially after a 4 hour drive). Maybe it was cool in the 80’s but it seemed like that was the last time it was updated. We felt it was a waste of money, and if you wanted to know any of that stuff, it’s available for […]

Review: VH Orange Ginger Sauce (& Recipe)

VH Orange Ginger Sauce

Review: Review: VH Orange Ginger Sauce (stir fry sauce) 5 Minute Dinner – two pots, incredible results – Hubby gave it a 10/10 if that says anything – Faster than takeout It’s one of those days of doing errands a quick grocery shop, and getting home when dinner was supposed to have been at the […]

Julia Child Music Video

Julia Child Video

Check out her knife and rolling pin solos

Pleasantly Surprised! Gogo Quinoa Red & White Macaroni (Gluten Free Noodles GF)

gluten-free-macaroni-red-white-quinoa | photo:

We tried these noodles because of the gluten free properties of quinoa and rice, even picky eaters wouldn’t be able to tell by taste, texture was nice. Would buy again!

Review: PC Organics Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

PC Organic Coffee Swiss Water Decaf

If you like a mild smooth coffee, we found this to be one of our favourites!
A good organic alternative to Tim Hortons (Timmies) in the morning.
For an authentic experience, they use…

Review: Coffee Culture Tuscan Salad

Coffee Culture Tuscan Salad

Tuscan Salad at Coffee Culture YUM… on a bed of lovely mixed greens, craisins, tomatoes, cucumber, some kind of caramelized pecans, swapped out the bleu cheese for feta and added chicken… balsamic dressing is amazing. delish. My new fav there. Looking… See More — at Like this:Like Loading… Tuscan Salad at Coffee Culture YUM… […]

Review | Swiss Chalet West Coast Salad

Swiss Chalet West Coast Salad

Review: Swiss Chalet West Coast Salad Was freakin awesome! At least mine was… Fresh mixed lettuce greens (I think I saw beet tops in there too), red onion strips, and mandarin orange slice tossed in Renee’s Balsamic Vinaigrette. Topped with a medley of dried fruits, mixed nuts, Feta cheese and a sliced breast of our […]

Gluten Free Pasta Reviews

Corn Pasta San Zenone Prairie Harvest

Corn Pasta is an excellent direct pasta substitute that can be used for any recipe that calls for spaghetti, elbow noodles, penne, spiral etc – and the least detectable taste change. We like San Zenone (Prairie Harvest) and Arrowhead mills. This is our favourite by far. Kamut is good as well, it’ll go mushy if […]

Muppets Swedish Chef Does Music Video

Swedish Chef Muppets Music Video

– blue man group Swedish Chef Muppets style – this is brilliant, never gets old…

Review: Van’s Gluten Free Waffles – Original (Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free)

Vans Gluten Free Waffles - Egg Free - Wheat Free

We were pleasantly surprised at Van’s gluten free waffles, and once we read the label, we’ve found they’re egg free too (which means our niece can have them)!

Crabby Joe’s Review

Crabby Joes Review

Crabby Joe’s Review: It was decent, the ambiance was sports bar like but for $25 per person +Tax & Tip, and a pre-prepared non-fresh taste plus nothing gluten free & dairy for the hubby (other than salad or steak, or other things that weren’t of interest) it wasn’t anything to go back for. Cashew Chicken […]

Lindsey Williams Preparation for Food

Lindsey Williams Preparation for Food

Lindsey Williams, and others feel it’s wise to be prepared, and maybe have a little extra. [httpvp://] Like this:Like Loading… Lindsey Williams, and others feel it’s wise to be prepared, and maybe have a little extra. [httpvp://] Like this:Like Loading…

Review: Presidents Choice PC Baby Brussels Sprouts Frozen

Presidents Choice PC Brussels Sprouts

I was pleasantly surprised by these Presidents Choice PC Small Sweet Peas. Needing a quick side to an evening meal I tossed these into the grocery cart (along with the PC small sweet peas and a bag or two of Asian vegetables), threw them in a pot when I got home and voila they were done, lovely and delicious. Because of their delicate size they cook up in a snap. Usually I only buy fresh Brussels Sprouts- but after trying these, they’re a new favourite.

Review: Herbamare – Herbed Sea Salt Condiment

Herbamare Original Herb Salt Substitute

Herbamare SaltReview: Herbamare – Herbed Sea Salt Condiment

Ever had a dinner entree that needed a little somethin-somethin? This is the somethin!

My spouse loves this… coming from a guy who had grown up on Chef boyardee and Swanson – who hadn’t really had any home cooking until he met me. It’s a nice mild taste enhancer that’s completely natural.

Review: Kirkland Signature USDA Organic No-Salt Seasoning

No Salt Seasoning Organic Kirkland

I tried this on a whim, it was the organic label + no salt that caught my eye. Delish in …

Review: M019-3 Triple Citrus Press Pro Kitchen Gadget by Dalla Piazza bought at Stokes

Lemon Squeezer Citrus Press Oranges Limes

This triple citrus press / juicer – does as it says it does, limes, lemons and oranges. Not only does it look good – made of sturdy aluminum coated with a white epoxy coating – it worked amazing in our tests.