Zucchini Recipes – Zucchini Bread – Chocolate (like cake)

Zucchini Bread Recipe Like Chocolate Cake

This is one of the firsts in the Zucchini Recipes line. I made this when we had a baseball bat sized zucchini. It was fresh picked and the rind was still soft – therefore we didn’t bother to peel it, however, if peeled and finely shredded, no one could tell it was in this recipe…

Coconut Cream Pie Recipe – Easy

If you think of Gilligan’s Island, and dessert, this is exactly what comes to mind.
Somehow these ingredients always seem to be on hand. Perfect recipe when unexpected company drops by. We prefer the shortbread/cookie dough style crust…

I love pretty well everything coconut – this is our coconut cream pie recipe:

Farmhouse Apple Crisp Recipe

Here’s the apple crisp recipe I made at the farm, it’s a combo of mom’s & mine as her recipe was at the farm and I didn’t have mine with me… local organic spelt flour

Bread Machine Crescent Rolls Croissant Recipe

Breadmachine Croissant Recipe Spelt Flour

Ever wanted to make croissants, but thought they were too fussy? Well, now we’ve got a solution for you! Bread Machine Crescent Rolls Croissant Recipe…

Fresh Apple Cake Recipe

This is a family heirloom recipe — sounds simple, but is very much comfort food & a family favourite:
The apples get this lovely light caramelized flavour at the bottom of the dish. Apple Cake Mix together:…

Did you know baking soda and baking powder can go flat?

Did you know baking soda and baking powder can go flat? Baking powder and baking soda will lose their potency after time. To test to see if it is still good…

Fruit Explosion Muffins Recipe

Fruit Explosion Muffins Recipe

If you like Canadian’s Tim Hortons, you will like our version of these:

Fruit Explosion Muffins Recipe:

Waffle Recipe – Fluffy and Light – can be frozen

Waffle Recipe-they really are super light, and can be frozen, thawed & put in the toaster

Easy Best Banana Bread Recipe

Loaf Quick Bread Recipes Banana Bread

This easy banana bread is a family favourite, and so simple, and can easily be doubled.

Ancient Grains Bread Machine Recipe -Spelt Kamut – Wheat Free

Spelt Bread Machine Recipe with Kamut

This spelt bread machine recipe for us rises above the bread machine pan, and no wheat flour!

We use organic, but either should work great.

Ancient Grains Bread Machine Recipe -Spelt Kamut – Wheat Free

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - popovers

This Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for roast beef is also great with roast chicken or turkey

Perfect Date Squares Recipe, Date Bar Recipe

Oatmeal Date Squares Recipe

I like this date bar recipe of my mom’s better than the bakery’s. I’ve tweaked it to my own taste… Perfect Date Bar Recipe (Date Squares): using real butter…

Great Grandmas Molasses Crumples – Chewy Ginger Cookie Recipe

Chewy Molasses Ginger Cookie Recipe

Molasses Ginger Cookie Recipe. Remarkably similar to Starbuck’s big chewy moist Ginger Cookies with a bit of a zing. This recipe is considered an heirloom in my friend Julie’s family for generations… Great Grandmas Molasses Crumples – Chewy Ginger Cookie Recipe:

Farmhouse Spelt Bread Recipe – Can use with bread machine

My sister lives on an organic farm, in which they grow spelt, this is her recipe…

awesome with a nice thick potato leek soup on a rainy day.
Farmhouse Spelt Bread Recipe:

Homemade English Tea Biscuit Recipe

English Tea Biscuits Recipe with Ham & Cheese

If you miss those old fashioned tea biscuits nicely puffed bits of warm fluffy delight with some jam or maple syrup then this is for you … similar to Tim Horton’s if using white flour and real butter… (we do have a wheat & dairy free version too)

Homemade Pound Cake Recipes

This is a very moist pound cake recipe. My mother, Edythe, has been making this for more than 30 years. Since this is a real butter pound cake recipe – there’s an art to the order of ingredients & the mixing (ie: sifting the flour). Mrs. McCallum’s name is mentioned on the original recipe card. […]